As a surveyor it is always interesting locating marks that were left behind by the pioneering surveyors that opened up vast areas of the Great Southern! Our reward this week has been finding countless steel reference marks buried under the ground near the boundary corners. This may seem mundane, but these marks were placed in 1905 by a meticulous surveyor by the name of P. W. E. Flint. These 108 year old marks have nearly rusted completely away (depending on the acidity of the soil) and survived 3 new fence lines, bulldozers, yearly ploughing and prospectors!

Old Rusted Spike

(Old Rusted Steel Reference Mark, 1905 / good condition)      

Spike Remains 

 (Last Rust Fragments of Steel Mark)

What is even more remarkable is often wooden marks survive for over 100 years! Or at least we can find their remains and re-establish a boundary line.

Good Con OP

(‘Old Post’ Surveyed Boundary Corner, 1960’s)

Classic Rotted OP Stain

(Rotted Remains of Old Post, 1900’s!!, careful digging and keen eyes)