Boundary Re-Establishment

Ensure you have the true and LEGAL boundary of your property correct before you start work.

If you are undertaking work near a boundary to build a new fence, retaining wall or house for example, make sure you have your boundary re-defined and marked. Only a Licensed Surveyor may determine the true and legal position of a boundary and fences are often incorrect.

The value of getting the position of your boundary correct is benificial in many ways:

1. You protect yourself against building illegally outside or too close to your boundary and needing to demolish or re-align boundaries,

2. You protect your property against encroachments or adverse possession claims over your land,

3. You may protect your property, house or building that is encroaching into a neighbouring property and can act quickly to lodge a claim to secure the rights to the aditional property that you currently occupy.

4. You can confidently design or plan within the legal boundaries of a property to prevent delays at the time of construction.