Useful Links

Below are a number of useful links to documents, agencies, forms flow charts and legislation which all may assist you with where to start with your development or project. Advice should be sort prior to lodging any forms or starting processes listed here. We are more than happy to provide you with free advice or in many cases complete forms and applications on your behalf.

Acts & Legislation Affecting Land In Western Australia

The Acts affecting land in Western Australia can be heavy reading and often hard to interpret if not familiar with the terminology. Listed here are just a few key acts which are most commonly referred to. Professionals such as Licensed Surveyors, Lawyers, Conveyances and Town Planners have all studied acts relevant to there field and are able to offer guidance and advice on how your project is affected. It is always worth while discussing your options with a Licensed Surveyor initially so they may assist or direct you to the most relevant profession.

Transfer Of Land Act 1893

Planning & Development Act 2005

Strata Titles Act 1985

Dividing Fences Act 1961

State Law Publisher – For ALL other acts in force in Western Australia

Landgate Forms

Freehold Land Registration Forms

Form 6A – Application for new titles.

Strata Forms – Forms Relating to Strata or Survey Strata Subdivisions

WAPC Forms & FlowCharts

Subdivision Forms

FlowCharts – Subdivisions, Developments, Planning, Public Works & Mining

Residential Design Codes – R-Codes

Local Planning Schemes – Search or browse for your local Shire or City

Western Power

 Western Power Website

For Land Developers & Designers

Water Corporation

Water Corporation Website

Water Corp. Subdivision Fees – Note that these fees vary greatly based on your location and site specific conditions.